15 BIGGEST Dogs In The World


From big pit pulls to enormous English Mastiffs, these are the globe's 15 biggest dogs & a few of one of the most amazing family pets to have ever lived.

Meet Zeus the Great Dane, Hunk the Titan 170 pound family pit bull, and extra we count some amazing pet dog breeds in today's video clip.

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  1. part 2 I’m not a religious person but when I was in Africa a man told me a
    story that I think is applicable….. the Creator at the beginning of time
    build a wall two separate men and Beast. as the last brick was being put in
    place by divine intervention dog jumped through the last hole to stand with
    man for all time…

  2. The BIGGEST dog is extinct. Known as the Epicyon Haydeni and was about
    300lbs from fossil record comparisons. It lived in North America ~5mil
    years ago according to fossil dating.

    • I understand what you are trying to communicate, but that would be false.
      That is based on the interpretation of Bishop Usher, which is not a
      definitive guidepost for all of christiandom.

      I know your statement is meant to be a witty remark and nothing else, but
      some people can’t distinguish witty remarks from reality. Some people
      putting out empty witty remarks also begin to believe them as truth
      statements. I want to make clear the witty remark you made is far from a
      truth statement.

    • PMBC Director that was not a witty remark i was trying to explain THE TRUTH
      because the earth is only 6000 years old do u know what bc and ad mean??
      Before Christ and in the year of our Lord the evidence is everywhere that
      there is a God

    • Even if you went by Bishop Ushers thought process, the incomplete
      genealogies render a time frame from 6,000 to 12,000 and they are far from
      complete. It is not possible to determine an age of the earth from the
      literal Bible record. One has to interpret and guesstimate on information
      to come to a number.

  3. If I met hulk I would cry I’m scared of all dogs not if there like small
    tho and I’m scared of regular sized pit bulls I would walk down the street
    see hulk and cry on the spot

    • asya k Same i’m scared of dogs too, just so you know you a’int the only
      ones scared of dogs, and it’s nice to know that someone else is scared of
      dogs. I only like a few dogs (( 2 )) one is a puppy ( named cheko ) my
      cousins dog ( a tea cup ) and ( unknown owner XD ) a dog that is like my
      nana’s dog i think? idk what breed she is but those are the only dogs i
      like… (name fatgirl )

    • asya k. pitbulls are actually gental loving dogs people who use them for
      dog fighting are the reason why they have a bad rep.


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