14 week old socialization dilemma

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Hi everyone! I have a 14 week old lab mix that has had 3 rounds of vaccines. I’m home all day with her right now, but she has gotten a lot more energetic over the last couple of weeks. I’ve tried everything. Running around with her, playing with toys, training, nose work, chews, etc. but it’s so hard to wear her out, and it’s honestly so exhausting for me. My boyfriend works all day, and I’m her sole care-giver until he’s home in the evening.

My question is: what was your experience with getting your puppies vaccines? Did you take them outside or to public places before they had all 4 rounds? Where did you take them?

We live in an apartment complex where there are a lot of other dogs and stray cats so I don’t feel comfortable taking her out around here until she’s fully vaccinated. But what about to a beach where I’ve never seen other dogs, or to a fenced playground where she can run around? She just has SO much energy and regardless of what I do, she gets bored and becomes destructive if I let her off the leash in the apartment.

I’ve done a ton of research and I know the varying sides to this argument. I’m really just looking for what your personal experiences with your puppy and vaccines were. Thanks!

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