14 week old puppy cries while I’m close and in sight but not giving him attention

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Me and my SO have a whippet puppy that is 14 weeks old and we have had him about 4 weeks now. We really love him and he brings much joy to our home. The thing is, he really wants the attention or wants to be involved in the things we do so he cries and then barks when he doesn't get it. We can be cooking food or just talking to eachother and he would be placed in a type of puppy den 1 m away and whine and cry, even when the puppy den walls are see through. We always check if needs to go outside first but sometimes it just feels like he really want to sit in our lap and be petted. We try to ignore him when he cries/bark/whine and reward silence (to start just a minimum of 3 seconds) but it is veeeery hard with puppycries for 20 minutes straigth… It does not happen all the time but from time to time at least once a day. We also activate him with walks and ligther mental simulation for a minimum of 1 hour spread out through the day with hide and seek, walks, early basics to commands like sit and lay down, recall etc.. We do spend alot of time together cuddling and just relaxing with him. Just wondering if any of you have had similar experience with your puppy and how did you react to the situation?

Also it's our first dog ever and we train and foster him after Victoria Stillwell and Zak Georges principles sort of with positive reinforcment. The picture shows the type of "den" he's in when we are in the kitchen.

Info: Whippet, 14 weeks old, had him 4 weeks, male.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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