14 Thoughts You Could Buy With The $1.5 Billion Powerball Jackpot

Whether you’re a sucker or an optimist, playing Wednesday’s Powerball lottery means you’ve likely daydreamed about what the prize could buy.

Even though triumphing the massive Powerball prize is the ultimate long shot, the now $1.5 billion award opens the door to a lot of merriment fantasies.

Assuming you won’t covert the wins into gold silvers for a lavish( and uncomfortable) swimming vault a la Scrooge McDuck, here’s a breakdown of some paths they are able to spend the massive fate.

( And in the spirit of fiction, let’s exactly pretend a little thing announced imposition doesn’t exist on both your exorbitant victories or the prodigiously crazy things you could buy with them .)

15, 000 life-size replica of a T. rex skeleton

Hammacher Schlemmer

… Or 179 versions of the real thing

The Washington Post via Getty Images

In 1997, theField Museum of Natural History in Chicago paid $8.36 million at auction for “Sue, ” one of the largest, most extensive and good continued Tyrannosaurus rex specimens ever find.

150 million clip-in humanity buns


Buyall the man buns so that no one can ever use them again.

503, 355,705 chests of Rice Krispies Treats cereal

Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images

At exactly under$ 3 a chest, you’ll have enough of the best cereal in the world for this lifetime and the next.

8, 379,888 Han Solo jackets


Ever heard of the Millennium Falcon? Well, “thats what” the command wears.

5, 415 bottles of 1947 Cheval Blanc( aka the most expensive wine-colored ever sold) in today’s dollar

Ragnar Schmuck via Getty Images

There aren’t actually that many bottles of thepriceyvintage available, but recollect: fantasize.

3, 000 tours to Mars


SpaceX rocketsto Marsare the brand-new Learjets to the Caribbean.

375 million slicings of artisanal toast

J Shepherd via Getty Images

You’re rich now, so you should probably know that artisanal toast is a thought.

… Or 21,428, 571 selfie toasters

Hammacher Schlemmer

Save money! Make your own toast at home !

The Baltimore Ravens

Rob Carr via Getty Images

Forbes residence the NFL team’s value at $1.5 billion in 2015 and you don’t is intended to be the only one in the billionaires club who doesn’t own a professional sports dealership. want to be the only one in the billionaires club who own a professional boasts franchise.

9 private islands


This 110 -acre beauty in Thailand is a steal at just $160 million!

25 ‘Balloon Dog’ sculptures

DON EMMERT via Getty Images

Jeff Koons’ “Balloon Dog( Orange) ” be available at auction for $54.8 million.

33 Stradivarius violas

BERTRAND GUAY via Getty Images

With these violas, was established in 1719, you’ll obviously have the most antique instrument in your rich person’s garage orchestra.

1. five billion McDonald’s ice cream cones off the Dollar Menu

Prepare for so many ice cream headaches.

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