14 month old pup reverting to bad habits.

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So within the past month my pup is no longer sleeping through the night and today I noticed he had an accident in the house which he hasn't had in months. The routine at night is around 12 am or later the barking starts and when I let him out the first thing he does is go for water which he ends up drinking a full bowl of. I let him out to do his business and then he goes back in his crate and then after about 15 mins he starts barking again. This morning I thought it was really odd that he had an accident since hes really good about letting us know when he needs to go out and I was with him this morning so I never caught it happening. Now I do know that they say after a year or so they test you and some of their bad habits come back for them to test you on. I am concerned if this is the case or his he trying to tell me something is wrong. Water is out all day so its not like we are taking it away from him at night before bed.

Is this something I should be overly worried about, what should I do to curb the late night wake ups for water?

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