13 month old German Shepherd aggressively biting. Advice or simply some encouragement to remain patient is greatly appreciated

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Hello, I'm hoping I can get some advice or just words of encouragement regarding my dog.

I've had a German Shepherd for 11 months now and he is an aggressive biter. He is quite a handful for a number of other reasons which I feel relates to his age, but really his biting is something else.

It usually happens when are outside playing, but also when he wants to be petted/someone stops petting him.

We can be throwing a ball and when he retrieves the ball he will run full speed at me and lunge right into me. If I try to get him off me, he will drop the ball from his mouth and start biting me angrily.

If I turn my back to him right before he lunges onto me, he will bounce off me, get upset, then jump and bite me for an extended period until he calms down or I manage to remove his mouth from my arm and get away from him.

He's a big boy, north of 80lbs, so I'm not always keen on letting him just crash into me full force first thing in the morning or right after a long day of work. I want nothing more than to keep him happy and healthy with exercise, but he seems to enjoy jumping/biting me than chasing a ball or frisbee.

Is there any way I can curb this behavior?

The tips I hear about turning away, ignoring, saying ouch/yelping has done nothing to discourage the behavior.

I must be doing something wrong and would love nothing more than to hear from some experienced dog owners what I could do to get my dog to not bite with such aggression.

Thank you!

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