12 wk old barking, jumping up, and nipping at me when she wants attention and I’m not sure what to do

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For about the past week, our 12 week old mini goldendoodle has begun to bark and nip at me for attention, sometimes she even jumps up and nips way too close to my groin. This behavior is usually only when she wants to play and I have to tend to something else for a minute or if I'm walking around and she thinks my Achilles is a tempting treat. This is especially problematic because although we have worked on bite inhibition, she's not perfect and sometimes these "nips" hurt. Plus, I don't want to reinforce her so she continues this aggressive behavior to get attention.

I have read about demand barking and the literature says to simply ignore it, however, in this case she's also biting and that makes things more difficult and hasn't been very effective because she will stop after about 20 seconds, but as soon as I give her attention or even move she'll go right back to jumping biting and barking. I have tried high pitching yelping, and that usually stops the biting, but then she just barks more at me.

Our Petsmart puppy class starts next weekend, but I doubt the trainer will have time to individually address an issue like this so I want to start working on it now.

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