12 week old Beagle puppy biting lots.

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our beagle is 12 weeks old(we got him at 4 weeks, big mistake, he couldnt learn to hold his bites as his mother could never teach him)

When he gets riled up he bites left and right. Just now I took him out to the garden and he bit me 2 places in hands and it bled. I got the tetnus shot last week for biting, he hasnt't been vaccinated for Rabies yet(due next week) so Im worried about that too, althought we never let him outside the house, max to max let him roam in the garden and my other dog(who is usually free to roam outside in the streets(has been vaccinnated) usually doesnt bother too much about him and let him be. He doesnt even come to the garden when he is there.

We tried all the yell "öuch" and leave him along technique. None work, the only person he seems to be afraid of is my Dad who sometimes whoop him on misbehaving. He got his saying from the last doctor "treat a dog like a dog", I really disagree, we even changed that doctor, horrible pet standards. But yeah, thats about what the story is right now, We sometimes slap him a little on the face when hes biting a lot to calm him down, or pick him up so he isnt able to bite. thats about it…dont know how to handle this situation..

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