11wk old puppy pees when she’s upset with us?!

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sourced from: https://www.reddit.com/r/puppy101/comments/8vbgj9/11wk_old_puppy_pees_when_shes_upset_with_us/

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So our 11wk old Goberian puppy is mostly potty-trained. We live in an apartment and she uses the balcony when we're home and pee-pads in the spare bathroom when we're away.

She's been doing great and rarely has accidents when we're home with few exceptions: if we put her in her play-pen area while we're having dinner she'll pee even minutes after she just went outside; if we're getting ready to leave the house and she sees us setting up her area she'll pee; if she thinks we're ignoring her she'll pee.

From my standpoint, this is what's going on in her head: "ahaha you're not going to ignore this!" or "you're leaving, but not before you have to clean this up!" …

Any advice? TIA!

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