11 month old rescue suddenly afraid of cars again. Any advice?

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Hi /r/dogtraining, I have been reading some great advice here and recently have been stumped by my pup's behavior.

I am a new dog owner and have had my rescue for almost 6 weeks. When I first got him, he was very timid, and showed some fear of cars, mainly trucks/busses. He has come a long way and come out of his shell to a point where after a week or so, we could leave the house and go on long walks without much issue in regards to cars passing by, except the occasional truck/bus (when I see one coming, I try to redirect his attention, we are getting better). Up until earlier this week we had no issues but now he suddenly won't leave the driveway and seems to be afraid of all cars that pass by.

Last weekend I took him camping and were in the car for ~6hrs each way. Perhaps this is what brought his fear back? He didn't show many signs of anxiety in the car and he usually does great on shorter trips. We live on a main road, so there are always cars going by, and I don't think we have any other options but to show him cars passing by are okay.

Any thoughts on how to get him back to our normal walking routine?

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