11 Month Old Puppy Hates Slicker Brush

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Our 11 month old Cavalier HATES the slicker brush. He likes his pin brush and his bristle brush just fine, but cannot be convinced to sit still for the slicker. Ordinarily I would just give up and use other brushes, but he is shedding everywhere right now and I need more hair removal than the pin and bristle brushes can provide. Bribing with treats is not working, we even tried the high value "I'll do anything for one" treats and he still would not hold still for it.

I think maybe it's really uncomfortable for him? This dog will let me clip his nails, blow dry him, brush his teeth, hold still when the vet takes his temperature, etc. with no problem, so I'm inclined to think that his resistance to this is because it's hurting him. Any suggestions for a more comfortable brush that will accomplish the hair removal?

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