10y/o dog has started excitement barking when we get home, but we’re moving into an apartment soon!

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Our 10 y/o schnauzer mix has recently started excitement barking when we get home. It starts as soon as she hears our voices or footsteps outside of the house. We were already ignoring her completely on walking into the house since she has a history of separation anxiety. (controlled through ignoring her on comings/goings and Fluoxetine) The barking is loud, obnoxious, and continues for 5-10 full minutes. We attempt to ignore her the entire time. If we happen to glance at her, she stops barking. We will be moving out of our house and into an apartment building within the next couple of months, and we really need to get this under control. Since ignoring her was such an important aspect of controlling the sep anx, I'm not quite sure how to proceed…

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