10 week old shibu inu wakes up at 2-3am

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Hello all, I have a pup that has been waking up around 2-3am. I assume it’s because one of my family members of the house has given her water before bedtime. I explicitly told them to not give her water, but they can’t resist the face. (face palm )

So far I HAVE to let her out to pee/poo because she’s doing good on being house broken. She exercises at least 1-3 hours everyday. For food she barely eats sometimes. Some days she eats continuously at meal time. Other days she eats 1/2 of cup at most. She likes to roam at night. So I try to block off the kitchen that she is not simulated to pick up some sort of scraps, which I try to sweep or vacuum almost daily. Also I close off the door to the other big room. So I notice she did her shiba whine/cry and gave up or got bored, and went back to bed just now as I’m writing this post.

I also want to add on she one of the most stubborn shibs, and TRIES to get it her way. But I am stern about not having her dominate me. So there’s no negative enforcements, only positive praises or treats (not at night tho). Anyone have any tips or tricks to neither have her sleep through out the night? Or even ways to getting her back to bed without whining?

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