10-week old puppy still not potty trained.

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Our 10-week old puppy was used to going to the restroom on hardwood in her breeder’s home. Our carpeted apartment confused her. Now, she pees all over our living room. The first week we had her (at 8 and a half weeks old), it took three days but then she got the hang of peeing outside. Never pooped outside though; only in our living room. Then we saw our vet and became terrified of our puppy getting sick. So now we are waiting until all her vaccines are finished before bringing her outside again. We live in an apartment complex and are right beside a huge dog park and there are stray cats all over the complex- they sleep on our balcony sometimes and they’re constantly on the sidewalks, under cars, right by front doors, etc. We don’t want to risk our puppy getting seriously ill. At first, we switched to pads (we both work during the day anyway and we didn’t feel comfortable crating her for 8 hours so we gate her in our small kitchen). The pads didn’t work. She would drag them around by her mouth like they were a chew toy and we’d come home to poop and pee puddles in our kitchen.

Now we have purchased a fake grass pad. Every time we caught our puppy in the act of “potty”ing, we quickly carried her to the grass pad (which we keep in the same spot in our kitchen) and said “potty”. If she went, we rewarded her with a treat. This worked on pooping – now we come home to poop on the fake grass. But she refuses to pee on it.

Why is it that our sweet, smart little puppy has figured out that we want her to poop on the fake grass, but she doesn’t make that connection with peeing? She still pees on the carpet or kitchen linoleum. Luckily, she has never peed or pooped in her crate.

Any advice or tips?

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