10 week old puppy, mucus in stool and now constipated…

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So our 10 week old Aussie shepherd started having some unusually soft stool a few days ago, then it progressed into mucus-y (but NOT bloody) stool, and past 2 days she has only pooped twice. When she did poop, it was still a bit mucus-y. The days leading up to this she was pooping A LOT… which as new dog owners we just thought was normal.

Her behavior seems totally normal, still super happy, playful, and energetic. We’ve been feeding her bland meals the past two days (rice with salt free chicken broth and today rice with sweet potato). She gobbles it all up.

Is this anything I should be concerned about? I was planning on waiting it out a few more days before going to the vet due to her normal behavior and recommendation from fellow pet owner friends. Any thoughts or words or wisdom? Thanks in advance.

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