10 week old puppy cry every time in crate

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I have a 10 week old cockapoo who whines and howls for approx 2 minutes every time we put her in her crate. Shes fine going into her crate and eating there. We’ve even practiced having her go in and out of the crate and she seems to enjoy it cause she gets a treat. But the moment I close the cage door and I walk away, she starts whining and howling. I’ve tried kongs and putting in her toys but when she hears the cage door close, she’ll turn around right away and claw at the cage. Any toy or even dental chews loses her attention the moment she hears the crate door close and I walk away.

I don’t know if I’m expecting too much out of a 10 week old puppy but I thought after one week, I thought she would understand that whining and howling won’t work in terms of getting my attention.

My old family dog only cried night one in her crate and never cried after that so I’m just worried that she might have separation anxiety.

Please let me know if it’s normal for puppies to cry in their crate, even with their toys like kongs, every single time the owner leaves. She’s been with me just over one week. If this is normal, at which point in her life, should I get worried that she still does this? Note: I don’t make a big deal when I leave or come back, Her crate suits her size, we take her out for pee and poo every 2 hours, and given the right amount of food throughout the day.

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