Researchers, specialists and also usual dog lovers can not settle on which canine type ought to be considered the most harmful in the
globe. However, because of frequent assaults on individuals certain breeds are banned from reproducing, keeping and marketing in numerous
nations. We took these "black lists" as the base for our very own top-10 of the so called "most unsafe" dog types.


  1. •HarmonyJH•

    There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners. They’re not dangerous unless
    they’re raised that way. Take the giant pit bull Hulk for example. He is
    raised to be a guard dog and is considered dangerous, but that’s only when
    he’s supposed to be. He is sweet around children and is very good as a
    house pet. Dogs are not born dangerous. They are only born with the
    capabilities to be.

    1. James Trotter

      Zsl tyler if they howl at train horns or sirens. it’s because it hurts
      their ears. they howl to level out the sound in their ears. next time your
      near a train horn yell when the horn blows. it drowns out some of thehorn

    1. Rebecca Johnston

      pk13910 the wolf hybrid is our fault. you can keep them but you have to be
      very active. For example there’s a man that has a very wild ( closer to the
      wolf in blood line ) hybrid and he goes to places like alska where the wolf
      would naturally be found. and he’s fine .vital it’s people who breed them
      for there looks and think they’ll be like a normal dog .no . It becomes a
      very confused animal and will most likely die from poor care

    2. Shade Jackson

      pk13910 I agree that all dogs are nice it depends on how they are trained
      and if they are spoiled by the owners

  2. Wraith Gaming

    if anyone beats me with a stick.. yeah i would’ve ripped them apart too..
    its just nature human as well as animal… God bless all the animals :-)

  3. Jordan Nickens

    these statistics are all fake a dog is good as its owner hence the dogs
    being mistreated shows poor ownership

  4. Mukta Harichandan

    in human language they are dangerous but in their language they are just
    protecting themselves and their lovedones

  5. Heididatsme offical

    i completely disagree with this video not all dogs are bad i just hate when
    people judge dogs by its looks..And it depends on a owner how they train
    them….Trust me for owning a blue nose pitbull who was abused and almost
    left to die because of its breed…And now people are scared to touch my
    dog even though my dog loves people..

    1. Yodler Yodelstein

      Ethan Kuffel my American Bulldog buddy is protective of my family and a
      sweetheart. he does per a little during thunderstorms. so there is that

    1. Esebella Fahrendorff

      Bonny Pup I agree I know some one who used his pit bulls for fighting and
      he abuses them so they are mean

    2. 67goldtops

      Esebella Wahrendorff,

      And WHAT? That means pitbulls are only aggressive when they’re abused? Lol.
      You kiddies kill me.

  6. Shannon Walker

    I’m glad he specified on how a pitbull is only aggressive due to a bad
    owner or lack of obedience…
    they aren’t born blood thirsty.

    1. 67goldtops

      Samantha Heart,

      You’re peddling misinformation. In the case of the Pitbull, it certainly is
      NOT because they “were trained that way” or because “their owners made
      them.” It’s because of their genetics. It’s because they were selectively
      bred over generations to be that way. Fighting dogs aren’t made. They’re

    2. Samantha Heart

      67goldtops I have two pit Bulls and I know for fact that pit Bulls were
      forced to fight it’s not like a Pitbull woke up and said I want to fight
      other dogs

    3. 67goldtops

      Samantha Heart,

      Here’s the deal: A dog is the sum of its genetics plus its environment. In
      the case of the APBT, you have an interesting history. You have a breed
      with a fighting history, in which the ultimate gaol of those who bred for
      fighting is gameness. Are you familiar with gameness? It is unquestionably
      THE most difficult trait to breed for with consistency. Regardless of how
      tightly a dogman breeds for gameness, there’s no guarantee that pups from
      game parents will carry the trait. That’s why there’s a difference between
      game and game-bred. There are superior and inferior pups of every litter,
      with every breed. That some specimens of APBT will fight and some won’t is
      not in question. What’s in question is WHY they will fight. The biggest
      misconception regarding the breed is that ‘it’s all how you raise them.”
      That’s simply not true. Of course socialization plays a role in a dog’s
      behavior. But socialization will never trump genetics. That’s why the
      inexperienced APBT owners are always surprised and devistated the first
      time their dog attacks another dog. Know why? Because it was a young dog.
      It had never reached the point of maturity where it now views other dogs as
      something it just HAS to wreck. In the event that happens with a particular
      APBT, it happens REGARDLESS of how the dog was raised. It happened because
      of the particular dog’s genetics. Meaning the dog was not “forced” to
      fight. Meaning the dog that never attacked another dog had yet reached a
      point in its development where that was going to happen. The dog was still
      an adolescent. But NOW that dog is the dog that it will be for the
      remainder of its life. That cuddly little APBT that played so wonderfully
      with your cousin’s Cocker Spaniel? That dog is gone. Now it’s the dog that
      needs to be quarantined. That phenomenon is called “turning on” or ‘hot.”
      If someone asks is your dog is “hot,” they’re asking if the dog has reached
      a point in its maturity where it seeks combat. Does that happen with EVERY
      specimen of APBT? Of course not? Just as gameness doesn’t result in every
      pup bred from game parents. The point it, when it DOES happen, it’s
      genetics. It’s not due to a lack of socialization. Real dogmen know there’s
      NOTHING, aside from properly feeding and conditioning a dog that make a
      better fighter. It is 100% dependent on genetics. Aa such, people who abuse
      a dog in order to have it perform in combat are total morons. It’s like
      trying to teach a goldfish to fly a kite. If the genetics aren’t there,
      it’s not going to happen That applies to any working or sport endeavor with
      a dog. If a dog doesn’t have the genetics to engage man in combat, it will
      never be a police dog. If a dog doesn’t have the required genetics, it will
      never be a good tracker, regardless of training. That YOUR particular APBTs
      never turned on and aren’t looking to wreck other dogs does not mean that
      other specimens of the breed WON’T turn on, despite that their owner treats
      them as lovingly and socializes them in the same manner you have yours.
      Does that make sense? Oh, and just so you know, I’ve owned APBTs and
      American Bulldogs for over 30 years.

    1. Ashley Cummings

      yes it can just watch the video a-holes provoking an teasing them, if i was
      on a leash and someone was crackin a whip or rope or stick in my face id be
      trying to rip his damn throat out to. stupid people.

    2. Nate TheDaddy

      I’ve seen much worse done to people who look like me on countless videos
      and films, how do you think we feel?

    1. El Dacnomaniac

      +Gobby Prick was it too hard for your under developed brain to understand
      that you had to insult without a counter?…maybe you just dont get
      it…this video isnt talking about your fucking dog…its talking about the
      dog breed in general

    2. El Dacnomaniac

      +Gobby Prick what kind of question is that? im just some dude on the
      internet…you can read comments if you want, if not, then you dont have to

    1. Chloe Johnson

      I’ve always wondered why there were so many mean bulldogs in old cartoons
      and as sports mascots. Then I read somewhere that “bulldog” meant ” pit
      bull” in America in the first half of the 20th century before English
      bulldogs became popular. And pits are still a very popular American dog
      despite their bad rep, which is very exaggerated.

  7. Danielle S

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