10 month puppy going on RV trip with me, asking for advise!

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Hey all! Starting off by saying this community is very cool to be apart of. I have a now 10 month terrier mutt puppy who I’ve taken an interest in training, and everything on here has been fun and helpful.

My family dogs have all been shih tzu’s / chill older rescue dogs. Beyond very basic training like sit, nothing has been necessary. Shih tzus do barely anything and also never leave our side, so things like a recall has never been necessary.

After the passing of our wonderful rescue Manchester terrier, we adopted a puppy. She’s so great and really added some much needed fun and love into our lives after grieving.

So currently she is almost a year, and we also have a 12 year old shih tzu. As a kid I taught him many cutesy tricks for fun. When we got our new puppy I knew she would be different than our other dogs; higher energy, more active and attentive, and require more training and work. So I made it a fun hobby to learn tons about dog training and so far she’s shown me that she’s very smart with lots of potential.

Anyway, in about a week we will be going on a short RV camping / surf trip and bringing both dogs. Our shih tzu is a great traveler and loves the car so he will be low maintenance, but I want to be more prepared with our puppy so any advice and suggestions would be appreciated.

Has anyone else taken their dog on RVing? What things should I bring? Any thing I should be prepared for? Training activities to work on?

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