10 month old miniature dachschund whining and barking at door and window.

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We recently moved into a bungalow (mid December) and ever since we moved in our miniature dachschund has been a bit unsettled. Our old house used to have a bay window and was situated on a very busy road which she would happily lie on and watch the traffic and people walking past. Our new bungalow is down a very quiet little road with not much going on, nor much room for her to sit on the window. The last few weeks she has started whining at the front door and then running to the window and whining and walking round the bungalow looking a bit lost and then back to the window again and repeat.. and can repeat this for hours. We've tried distracting her with toys, playing with her which can distract her a little but will then go and grab my slippers or something she shouldn't have and start to chew them up. She also seems to think it's a game and gets excited when I tell her off and will run off excitedly. I work different shifts so start later some days than others so she doesn't always have a walk at the same time but will always have a half an hour walk every day, sometimes longer (I know its not recommended but she seems to need longer)

Just wondering if anyone has any tips to nip this behaviour in the bud as its very draining and hate to see her like this? And also why she is behaving this way?

Thanks 😊

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