10 month old lab mix started whining all night

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I have a 10 month old lab/border collie puppy, although the exact mix is a guess as he was adopted by a shelter. I adopted him about 7 months ago and he has been crate trained, sleeping through the night with no problem for quite some time now. This week, he’s started waking up around 1 or 2am, and whines and barks the entire remainder of the night. I’ve tried letting him out for a bathroom break and that doesn’t really seem to be the issue. I’m not sure what would cause this change in behavior.

He gets plenty of exercise, usually 2-3 walks a day with one of those including the dog park to run with other dogs or play fetch. Besides walks, he spends time on and out of the backyard where he can roam/run around. He also gets plenty of interaction in the day. I work from home and am with him all day long. We usually do a couple short training sessions a day too, and I have puzzle toys and a snuffle mat for mental stimulation.

His crate is in my room so he’s close to my bed during the night. I really do not want to start the habit of him sleeping in my bed, or outside the crate at this point. His crate has a nice bed, light blanket, and a covering to block the light out.

Any tips or suggestions?? Should I be ignoring him? Telling him to be quiet? Doing things differently on the day? I’m worried this lack of sleep is going to negatively affect him, and it certainly is affecting me!

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