10 Dog Breeds With The Least Health Problems

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English Springer Spaniels

They are said to rarely have an effect on inherited disease. When health problems do originate, they are usually eye related.

Shiba Inus

These are small fox-looking puppies, but they are tough! They are known for being very healthy dogs.


Poodles, both small and big-hearted, have a good track record of remaining healthy pups during the duration of their lives.


They are obviously strong pups as their direct ability illustrates, and they are also very healthy as any big health issues in the Greyhound breed are indeed rare.

Border Collies

They are great working pups and they tend not to have the common questions that other favourite reproduces have.

Bichon Frise

They do have allergies, but they also grade as one of the healthiest small dog reproduces overall.

Belgian Malinois

These people have a record of amazing health. They are bred mainly for concert and are a extremely versatile driving bird-dog, but they do not have many of the common health problems that other driving pups have.


Many of the common health problems pups have, Beagles seem to not get. All reproduces have their issues, but the Beagle is an all around, generally healthy dog.


Basenjis are adventurous pups, and while one of their multiply properties is that they dont bark, another is that they dont have numerous if any health ailmens.

Australian Cattle Dogs

These have the record for being the longest living pups as one reputation Bluey lived for 29 -years-old! They also have a good track record for having few health problems.

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