10 days in.

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So we got our (now 9 week old) Irish setter ten days ago, and I thought I'd post a little recap. This is my first doggo ever.

I didn't know how hard this would be, but conversely I didn't realise how much I would love my puppy. He's so vulnerable and a literal baby – I can't help but feel like his mom. Sometimes I go to wherever he is (don't worry, always supervised with another family member) just because I want to get a sniff of his coat. It's just dog smell, but somehow I love it. It's a visceral sort of love that I have for him and watching him sleep makes me feel so content.

The first few days were a bit of a shit show, mentally – we were as prepared as we could be but that wasn't enough. I couldn't believe that it felt like I'd lost all of my free time (or even time to cook breakfast – not really though , because he sleeps so much) and how much he bit us (in play).

There were some indoor poos (I'm sure not to be the last, though no accidents inside for 4 days now!) and we felt like it was pot luck whether he did his business inside or in the garden. We have him on a good schedule now, and luckily we learned that pups get extra wild when overtired – instinctively you'd want to tire them out, but now we're dealing with it better. The biting continues to be an issue (obviously, he's a puppy). We're yelping and giving him time out (redirecting sometimes works but only in that moment) but I know it will take time. Sometimes when he's on a biting frenzy, I do feel overwhelmed and a bit worried about how much worse it will be with how quickly he's going to grow, but I can only take things a day at a time.

I'm really happy we got our pup, I know the hardest bits are probably still to come, but I really do adore my little land piranha.

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