1 yo Lab mix rescue. Needs training and I need help.

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Hi everyone. A few days ago I adopted a 40lb 1 year old lab mix, taking the week off plus the long weekend to get us acclimated to each-other. She's a playful pup and very social.

The past few days have had their ups and downs, but recently I am becoming very discouraged on how to proceed with her. The biggest problem is that she is very mouthy indoors and will jump up on you in a playful / aggressive manner. If she does manage to settle down, the moment you start petting her she thinks my hand is a chew toy and she gets immediately amped up. To combat this I have been making use of her crate to keep her calmed down. The problem now is that she has probably associated me crating her with a punishment. She does not enter her crate (where I place her food and water) on her own anymore and I have to pull her inside when I leave or it's time for bed. She does eventually settle down inside her crate but it's clear she isn't content in there.

I have reached out to get professional training (for both her and myself) but I need to remain sane until then. What kinds of things can I try to get her behaving better inside? Really the only time she gets any exercise now is three walks a day, totaling probably 2-2.5 hours. The rest of the time I have to leave her in her crate.


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