1-year old pup biting and jumping on me during walks

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Hi guys. We have a 1-year old (on V-Day!) Pitbull who we are struggling to keep calm on walks. Let me start off by saying he gets a lot of exercise during the day and lots of affection. He started going to puppy training classes when he was about 5 months old. He has also had private sessions with another dog trainer.

Here's the issue we are having. Whenever we take him on walks, at some point during the walk he will start getting so excited and then will start jumping and biting us. His tail never stops shaking and he seems like he's trying to play, despite his growling. We've tried ignoring him when he does this, but that makes him go crazier. We've also tried standing on top of the leash and waiting for him to calm down, but it never works. My partner has gotten this better controlled on her walks, but I'm still struggling. He's the sweetest boy but this behavior has been concerning since we got him. It happens on nearly every walk for me, and sometimes the only way to stop him is picking him up and carrying him home.

Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? Sometimes it happens when we say no to something, other times it'll happen after he just simply picks up a stick. The dog trainer taught us certain things that didn't help very much including praising him when he is being good on walks. Any advice and help would be so appreciated!!!

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