1 year old husky mix leash training

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I recently got a husky mix because someone in my neighborhood was re homing him so I decided to take him, he is well behaved ( for the most part ) and I know huskies need a lot of exercise. I always let him run around in my backyard and throw a ball with him for awhile but I know he needs more. Yesterday I tried taking him on a normal walk around the neighborhood and as soon as we stepped outside he was thrashing around trying to get out of his harness. He does the same thing when getting into cars too but we just pick him up now to avoid that but i'm obviously not going to carry this 60 lb pound dog around the neighborhood. Any tips or things I should know?? I don't think the harness is the issue because he doesn't mind it in the car or any other time but I just can't seem to walk him peacefully.

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