1 year old GSD acts drastically different with SO than with me

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So River is a year old male GSD that we have had since he was 8 weeks. Started basic training early on. He was pretty easy to train, potty training was a breeze, and didnt destroy anything. He has always behaved better for me (male) than he has my SO(female) but the last couple months it has gotten much worse.

I work a couple days a week for 24 hours and the days I'm not working I can spend all day with him. The days I work she takes him to work and hes an angel, he naps all day, plays with his toys, and just chills. The second they get home though he becomes a nightmare. He steals toilet paper rolls, jumps and puts his front paws on the counter, jumps on the bed, bites SO, barks at her, steals clothes. He has never been allowed to do any of that. She is at wits end and I am too. She has given up on him and said she is going to let him out and then crate him and that's it. He is getting plenty of exercise, she hides treats for him to sniff out which he loves and provides great mental stimulation. She does some training with him. So it isn't physical or mental exercise thats the problem.

He is an angel when I'm home with SO so I can't really do anything to fix the proble. because he doesn't act out around me. Someone help, I dont want her to dislike our dog.

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