1 Year Old Dog seems to think she’s independent.

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Ok, this is going to be a long one, so bare with me.

TL;DR at the bottom.

Some Backstory: I’ve been a part of my family for my entire life now, and we seem to always have at least one dog that occupies our time at home. From my Elementary years to now. On July 11th, 2018, my own dog, Ponca has passed away due to pancreatic failure, leaving me devastated. My parents, absolutely dreading what I was going through decided to help me find another dog. Two days after Ponca’s death, we went to a puppy farm in order to find myself a new companion. A pure-white Miniature Schnauzer was the one that found me. I didn’t choose the dog. The dog chose me, and I knew she was the one. My Dad however decided to get a second puppy that reminded him of one of our other dogs. That salt-n-pepper schnauzer puppy was named Isabelle, or Izzy for short. So basically, we have two puppies that are only about a month apart. Willow was the younger one and Izzy is the older one. At the time, we also had Lacey, a pure black Schnauzer, which basically acts like the big sister of both of them. She is currently 4 years old. And at the moment, that’s our family. Two Puppies and a Dog.

The Problem:

Ok, now for the actual problem. Willow, who is the youngest seems to act really independent. She wanted to be the alpha of the family, despite being the youngest. She can be a nightmare to deal with sometimes. She pretty much does whatever she wants whenever she wants. She rarely eats with the rest of the dogs, she’ll pee and poop wherever she wants, more often than not inside the house, and acts extremely jealous of Izzy (her sister) if I try to give her attention. Literally, she tries to lightly bite at Izzy if I give her the slightest pat on the head. She learned to not do it if I give Lacey (the oldest) affection however. My Dad is honestly threatening to Let Willow go because she refuses to listen to anyone, and acts like, and I quote by my Dad, “a little bitch.”

So, I turn to you guys. The biggest elephant in the room is her peeing/pooping problem. How can I make sure she does not pee/poop in the house on purpose? I should mention that she is extremely finicky when it comes to finding a spot to do her business. If she can’t find one, tough luck, she will hold it in. Izzy and Lacey are completely housetrained, so neither one of them will pee or poop in the house unless we somehow forget to let them out.

As for some of her other issues, such as the jealousy of other dogs, and even some other miscellaneous stuff such as chewing on things that aren’t food/toys and literally eating goose poop in our backyard. How can I go about that?

TL;DR: Willow, the dog in question is a nightmare to deal with. Peeing and Pooping wherever she wants, usually in the house, chewing on things that aren’t food/toys, being jealous with her sisters if they get attention, and actually eating goose poop in the backyard. I just need a way to deal with this.

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