1 week with my little Obi!

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Well yesterday was one week down with my little one. I had the entire week off from work, although I would have been home regardless with everything going on right now, and I was really able to give him 100% of my attention all week long. This is my first dog ever, but my husband grew up with dogs. Obi has been amazing and I can't even imagine life without him or what I did with all my time before him. He is 100% my world and going to be my very best friend. I am just going to go through everything and share my experience. I am not perfect and made tons of mistakes, but also feel pretty proud of myself considering this is my first ever pup.

Cats – We have two cats one that I assumed would do well & the other I knew probably wouldn't do well. Well I assumed right. Our one cat took to him right away, the other cat hid for two days, then only came out when he was in his crate or at night, and now has started to come around more, but stays far away from him. He has only tried chasing the one cat a couple of times, but for the most part he is uninterested in them.

Crate training – We were lucky enough to have a breeder that worked on crate training the week prior to him coming home and he loves his crate. He goes in there with no issues and only whines or cries if he has to go potty. I feel very lucky that he took to his crate so quickly. We have his crate in our bedroom and I set up a playpen in the living room. I feed him in his playpen and he has quiet time in the play pen or when I needed to go switch the laundry or unload the dishwasher. He loves them both and has no issue going in either of them. I went back and forth about where to put the crate, but I think its been fine having it in the bedroom. When he does whine to be taken out I can hear him right away, take him out & then just put him right back in the crate and he falls asleep no issues. I have left a couple times during the week and kept him in the crate and there was no whining or crying. I have left a chew toy in there with him, and I have a camera on his crate as well.

Potty training – We have had minimal accidents, most of which have been my fault just not knowing his signs & tells and learning them. The past two days were accident free. He still doesn't understand that the bells by the door mean potty time, but I didn't expect that to happen overnight. I also have the luxury of taking him out ALL the time right now, which has been super helpful. We haven't put a single potty pad down in the house and I am very happy with that decision, I am also going to be home from work for the next several weeks, so I will be able to take him out every hour like I have been, otherwise I was going to get a pet sitter to come twice a day to let him out. We haven't had a single accident in his crate or play pen, so I think he knows not to soil those two spaces. I think lol

Training – I took the whole week off of work last week and was really able to start working on some commands with Obi and he knows, sit, down, shake, high five, and leave it. I just started doing leave it & look at me. Next steps will be practicing outside on walks since he loves to eat everything in sight. Rocks, grass, mulch, trash, basically everything in sight. All of these were taught after watching zak george videos on youtube & lots of repetition. I am using a clicker which he picked up on immediately and has made training him so easy.

Overall this pup has given me so much joy, and it is almost a blessing in disguise that I am going to be able to stay home with him for the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to watch him grow and become the bestest boy. I also feel very lucky that he has been such an amazing puppy. I haven't had puppy blues once, and have just enjoyed every single second of him finally being home. Also, just want to put out there that I know this won't be everyone's experience, but I really wanted this pup. I waited a long time for him, and got him when my husband and I were truly ready. I really think that helped as well. I knew I wouldn't be getting a small cuddly puppy and knew that I would be putting a lot of time and energy into him. I knew that my life would literally revolve around this little guy and I was ok with that. I read a lot of posts here where people regret getting a pup and I think it is because they have unrealistic expectations of what getting a puppy really means. I knew there would be sleepless nights, and constant worrying about am I doing this right, is he ok, etc, but overall I am just trying to enjoy every moment of his puppyhood, because soon he will be all grown up and i'll look back and miss those puppy days!

Enjoy some puppy pictures!

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