1.5 year old dog growled and snapped when I picked her up

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So last night my dog was sitting over my mom who she loves. I told her to come with me to my room but she wouldn't listen. So I went over to her and picked her up (which she is used to since she was a puppy). When I picked her up, she started growling and as I picked her up higher she snapped and tried biting my hand – she has never done this before.

I understand that dogs may not liked being picked up, but I guess my question here is what could've prompted this behavior? Was she being protective over my mom? Was it just that she didn't want to be picked up? It was honestly scary because I have never seen my dog act like that in the almost 1.5 years I've had her. Has this happened to you?

What do you suggest? No more picking up her up? Where do you think I went wrong? I know it sounds silly but I just want to do the right thing. I've done a ton of training with her but I am by no means a professional dog trainer so I would like advice. Thank you!

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